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Somehow, two years have passed. And Dallin will be flying back to the states on March 26th. It has been quite the adventure! I will encourage him to add his own summary when he gets back...(Living the good life in the Philippines, Quezon City North Mission. Entered the MTC in Provo on April 4, 2012. Flew to the Philippines on Sunday, May 13, 2012. What a great adventure! And what an honor to serve the good people of the Pines!)

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

"They do this to me every year!! Why?! Doesn't anyone love me?"

Well hey hey out there everybody!!!!

I know I just barely wrote. Like really, just barely!!! But life goes on and things have happened. SOOO. Last I wrote was Friday? Ok. Well, honestly, not a whole bunch has happened. But it was time for the Zone Leaders and their entire district to leave. So they all packed up. We spent a load of time with them over the weekend. It's really crazy how fast you really come to care about people here at the MTC. I wasn't even with those elders for 3 weeks!!! But boy will I miss those guys. It was a sad goodbye. But a good one at the same time. They will be rock solid over there in the Philippines. It's way cool to think that they can finally really go to work!! I'll be right behind them!!!

Holy Moly!! FAIL. I was early last time I emailed and now I'm late. My mistake. Happy Birthday to my dearest cousin in the world!!!!!! You are officially an old woman. I hope it was a wonderful day!!

On Sunday we had a great devotional. The way I saw it, it was kind of a pep talk for missionaries that were having a hard time being here. I thought it was great!! It reinforced my idea that there is never ever any type of reason to go home!! EVER!! Afterwards, we watched the Joseph Smith movie. Man, the Spirit was going crazy in the room! We also watched Elder Holland's talk on ang Aklat ni Mormon about 4 times over the last couple of days. The Restoration is true!!!! Easily. No doubt in my mind! Love the talk, love the movie. Life has been good!!!

Saturday night, we had another workshop on the Atonement. Man, I like testifying in English!! It is soo much easier! It's nice to be able to say everything that comes to your heart. But that was another amazing experience. I love the workshops. The learning is always good and then we get to take a minute to teach and testify about whatever we have been learning about. I love that!! Everything is reconfirmed to you as you testify. Things just start coming out of your mouth and your heart feels like it's on fire!! I love it!!

Elder Hibbert and I taught one of our best lessons yet in Tagalog yesterday. We had 5 minutes prep time. The teacher played as a recent convert and we only had about 10-15 minutes. So we mostly just asked how things had been going with church and how she was doing on commitments. But we were able to say a lot more, we were able to understand a lot more, and then we had some sweet testifying! It was a good experience.

One of my roomies has gotten pretty banged up over the last couple of days. He had a bit of a fainting spell that caused some issues. And then a bit of a wipe out during gym yesterday. But he's doing all right. It just gave us the chance for some more priesthood blessings. We gave one to one of the zone leaders right before he left too. The MTC is awesome!! I love the fact that obviously all the Elders here have the priesthood, but that they are also always worthy of using it. There's never a question of, um, are you able to? Ah, it's the bomb!!

Yesterday, they opened up the field for the use of the missionaries. Elder Mclaughlin and I went with some of the elders from the district to play "soccer". At first glance, it almost resembled the sport. There was a ball. And two goals. Even people! And they even used their feet to "move" the ball. And that's about where the similarities stop. There were about 50 elders playing at once. Maybe, about 10 of them actually new how to play. So it was like taking 2 fields of rec league players and throwing them together on one field, making them all bigger boys, and then saying GOOO!! Haha, it was fun only becuase of how ridiculous it was!!! Not quite what I'm used to. Needless to say, I think I will stay with the weights and volleyball.

I have hit the halfway point of my time here in the MTC (what the?!) so I was released as DL. But with the Zone Leaders leaving, they needed someone to step up. Elder Grigg (one of my roomies) and I got the call. I have a lot of work to do on leadership skills. There's a lot of growth to happen. But it adds a lot of stuff to this week!! We have 17 new missionaries coming in today and tomorrow, so we have a lot to get taken care of. AHH! But, the Lord's on our side, so we can handle it.

This morning we got up and went to the temple. That was marvelous, although, if I'm completely honest, I have never spent so much time with my eyes closed during a session. OOps!! That's something I've got to work on!

I suppose in all honesty, not a whole ton has happened. Lots of learning and time in class. And somehow, since Friday, a lot of laundry has appeared!!! Crazy. But that's about it!!! Sorry the email is decently void of interesting things. But the time here is flying by. It's crazy. I'll be out of here before I know it! Crazy thought!!

Thanks again for all the letters and packages. I have the biggest and best support system in the world!!!

I love you all!!

Elder Christensen

Friday, April 20, 2012

"Water is for cowards, water makes you weak..."


Guess what?? It's me!!! And no, it's not mario!!

Hello my dearest family!! It is good to hear that life outside of the MTC is good! I'm REALLY sad to be missing out on all of the heaps and heaps of yard work, but I GUESS if I keep an eternal perspective, the Lord's work is more important. Ha, needless to say, I'm sure I'll get over it :)

As for life on the inside of the MTC, man things are good. First and foremost, a HUGE thank you to all of the love and support. My goodness, everyone in the MTC hopes, wishes and prays to get just a fraction of all of the letters and packages I get. Thank you my dearly beloved mother, my good Aunt Dawnette, grandma, and of course, G-ma!! Haha, nearly a package every other day from the G-ma!! I'd almost think you guys are planning on fattening me up for those good people in the Philippines. "Yes Lord, we're so grateful for the missionaries you have sent to us and the great nourishment we will recieve from the fat one!" No but seriously, thank you! My roomies, my district, and all the elders from my zone living anywhere near my living quarters are all grateful for the packages coming our way. Thank you, thank you!! I think I had about 100 letters this week too. Thank you everyone! I'm probably the only person that gets mail every day, and I usually get more than one. It's the best part of the day!!! So thank you thank you everyone!!!

This week was a most fantastic week. Last Sunday, we had a workshop on the Atonement. It was a fantastic experience. The Spirit was so strong! We shared our testimonies and feelings with our districts. Wow, there was a lot of insight there. It makes me so excited to be able to go out and share that with people!! Haha, if I can ever figure out how to say what I want to!! But I'm not too worried about that. The Spirit is a great translator! :) Following the workshop, we had a fireside. D. Archie sang for us all. I'm not going to lie, when they announced it, I thought, "ah gee, great, what an opportunity to show off." Terrible, I know. But that's how it went. But oh boy!!!! He sang The Spirit of God. It was soooooo good!! The Spirit was ripping the whole place up! It was fantastic!! Ha, I feel much differently about him now. I'm really glad he sang. It was a great way to open up for....drumroll.... M. Russell Ballard!! Whew! What an awesome night!! Just in case anyone cares, the archster is gone from the MTC now. The man left monday. The district leaders snuck off and snagged a photo with him. Ah! They didn't even tell me! I woulda been there! Oh well. It was way cool.

This is for Riley Reynolds. Keep seeing his cousin, Elder Mooney? (somethin like that)

Then a question for Lo: who is the author of The Message? I told some of the Elders in my district about it and they want to read it, if not out here, for sure when they get home.

Oh, just ran into Ashley Snyder. Pass along to her family. She might, may, and probably will be getting surgery. Miniscus or something? Anywho, she wanted me to pass that along cuz her P-Day was yesterday. Aunt Dawnette, thanks for the package!!! It was amazing!!! And, I got the package delivered to Ashley, so mabuti!!! Thanks!

My kasama has been pretty sick. Yesterday, after we taught our investigators, we bounced and went back to residence. Got back around 7. Early day!! I read all of first Nephi. It was the best study of the BoM that I've ever had. The Spirit was leading the way the whole time. I had all manner of insights and everything seemed to make sense. And in case you're wondering, there's no doubt in my mind whether or not it's true. Easily!! I could have told you before, but it was witnessed to me again so strongly yesterday. The Book of Mormon is true. And it's awesome!!!! Read it!

I got to help with two priesthood blessings yesterday. One of the sisters in my district has been really sick for about 3 days. So she asked if we could give her a blessing. She wanted it done in samoan so the Elders in my district and I just helped. But it was an amazing experience. And then my kasama wanted one last night after he had had some good rest. So I gave my first ever priesthood blessing!! It was crazy!! But cool story with that actually. I've been really nervous to actually give blessings. I am game any time to help out. But to actually do it has been a scary thought. But then, after our fireside on Tuesday, we have a review and go over the things we learned at the fireside as a district. We had the branch president in there with us. While he was sharing some thoughts, I had the random thought that I shouldn't be afraid to use the priesthood whenever the chance came along. It had nothing to do with what the branch president was saying. I thought it was cool so I wrote it down. Then when the sister in the branch needed one, I felt confident that I could do it. A peace and calm. We found some samoan replacements last minute but I was ready. And then with my kasama, I had the same calm. It was a really cool experience!!!

This morning we went and did a session at the temple. I've never been through the Provo temple before so it was a cool first. I must confess some wickedness on my part; I dozed off several times during the session. But it was a great way to start the morning!!!

I got my first haircut at the MTC today. Hm. Good experience. Needed to be done. But eh. Dad cuts it best.

G-ma and Pops are going to rock in their branch presidency!!! Holy smokes!! Just be awesome for the missionaries. We have a couple in ours that is a lot like you. Just treat the elders and sisters like your grandkids and all will be well!! You guys will be coveted by all missionaries!!!

Our zone leaders head out to the field monday. I'm gonna miss those boys. It's amazing how fast you really grow to care about people out here. REALLY fast!! Love em all! We will be about to our halfway point on sunday, so I should be getting released as DL.

Oh important thing to note; huge schedule change coming up. Everything is getting switched around. Word on the street is P-day is on tuesday from here on out. So as in next tuesday coming up. P-day again. So, fill up the email box by then. I realize not much may happen between now and then, but I'll be back for more Tuesday. Do not disappoint me, Jacob.

Which reminds me, we got to watch The Testaments after the Fireside on sunday. Woohoo!! Hahaha, they actually cautioned us that it had dramatic elements and romantic themes!!! Hahaha! Oh man!! So funny! It's as hardcore as we get out here!!! But it was awesome!!!

Well, that's about all the time I've got. So I'm going to bounce. Thank you all for all the love and support out here! It makes every day better! I'm still loving every minute of being a missionary!! Miss you all, but I can't deny I'm glad to be here!!! Love you! Take care!!!

Kita kitz!

Elder Christensen

Snail mail dated 4/13/12


Holy Cow!  It's still P-day, so don't fear at whether or not this letter is legal.  It's legal.  "It's on the level".

Thank you all so much for th packages!  Your package was amazing!  My entire district loves you all!  Huge shout out to G-ma too.  The sisters and elders loved the chocolate strawberries and Elder Saiid in particular loved the cookie dough balls.  I opened my packages in class and it was like Christms for everyone!  I had to "share the load, the load, the load" so my companions, when it comes to weight can "carry it for a while".  Thank you G-ma and mom/family sooo much!  The goodies were fantastic, the letters were fabulous, the gadgets are exciting, and I'm sure the chips and salsa will be bomb!  Thanks, Matt!  I couldn't believe when all that came out of the box and I was even more shocked when the salsa was THE SALSA!!!!!  Salu-salo!  Thank you, thank you, salamat!

Question from the girlfriend (Stephanie); no, I'm not fluent yet. :) but I'm working hard.  The language is a booger, but it's coming.  We learned a huge bit tonight!  It will be incredibly helpful.  I was extremely glad for all the letters.

Package report: 2 from mum, 2 from g-ma, and one from McAllisters.  Yes?  I didn't leave anyone out?  I hope not.  If I did, please accept my deepest apologies.

Well, anywho, that's all for now.  Just opened the packages and wanted to send my thanks, along with the thanks of my entire district.  We're so grateful.  Thank you all!  I love you!

Elder Christensen

Interesting note:  Tagalog is a lot like calculus.  It's a pain in the pwit (:) figure that out)  and super tough, but it eventually makes sense and I'll be able to use it.  But seriously the learning is reminding me a lot of calc.  Same frustration.  Same success rat/success joy and reusability.  Maybe it's a good class to take in HS afterall!

Monday, April 16, 2012

Notes on Pictures...

Hello my Family!

So, I just emailed.  But...I've got a few picturews to send, before my camera ever makes it home with the good stuff.  But, here's some pics.  Explained!!!!!

Number 1...
Sister Magalogo and I.  She is one of the sisters in my district.  She's from Australia.  Her accent is so cool!  She is a lot of fun and loves to laugh and smile.  She's great.

Number 2...
This is my district.  On the left:  Elder Aldred, Elder Mclaughlin, Elder Kehler, Me!, and Elder Hibbert.  Sister Winger, Sister Garcia, Sister Va'enuku, Sister Magalogo.  I love my district!

Number 3...
This is most of my zone.  Absolutely love them!  Two Elder Poly guys.  One on the left is a zone leader.  Elder Partsh, from New Zealand.  I love him!  His accent rules.  We hang out a lot.  Poly Elder on right, Elder Sio.  He is one of the district leaders that came in with me.  He is so cool and loving.  He's got everyone laughing, always.  Far right, Elder with his head looking towards the middle is the other zone leader.  Elder Knolles.  He's from Layton.  I love him!  We talk a ton too.  Love him to death.  two farthest sisters on the right, kneeling and standing.  Awesome.  District with my roomies.  We hang out too.  The kneeling sister is from Austrailia.  Totally awesome accent!  She's way smooth.  The older man is Brother Howard.   Was a mission president from the Philippines.  He's a memeber of our branch presidency.  He's awesome.  Love em all!  Enjoy folks!

Elder Christensen

Love you!!!!!

Sunday, April 15, 2012 Pictures

Saturday, April 14, 2012--Email

Hello hello family of mine!!!!

So, it has been soooo lovely to hear from you all!!!! My time here in the MTC is super mabuti. Class is really long, but it has been very good. We have two teachers now, so the learning curve should increase dramatically. Tagalog is hard. But considering we've been here a week and a half, we're not bad!!!

Not a whole ton happened this week that is any different from last week. The learning is the same. The teaching is the same. Just the topics are different. Lone peak is all over the MTC. I see new people every day!! They are everywhere! I think my district is growing weary of me saying, "oh hey, that's another guy from LP". But I like it.

We went to the temple today. P-day is a wondeful day. Being in the temple was wonderful!! It was very nice to be back. I'm learning all kinds of things about how NOT to be a district leader. Boy oh boy. But hey, I'm learning, yes?! At the beginning of the week, we had some tough times staying motivated in class clear through the end of the day until 9:30. It started to get a bit rowdy. But, I've got that all figured out so that we can have the spirit with us all the way through. It's when you can really make it clear through to the end of the day that the meaningful inspiration will come and you can find those key scriptures that investigators need. Or it's then when the grammar you've been staring at for 5 hours finally clicks. So it's been good to get that taken care of.

We've had some wonderful wonderful lessons from our teacher. And for Pops, thank you very much for the scripture in your email. It is a most fantastic scripture!! And, I found it two days ago for my investigator!! Ended up having him read the whole chapter cuz it was so smooth.

Nobody has had any issues about me writing whenever I have free time for it. I got talking around with district people and such and no one was sure. But, it has come to my memory that they may have told us only to write on p-day, and not only when we had free time. So you may see a decrease in communication. I'll check to make sure. Anywho.

Someone had a question about kita kitz. It is standing for goodbye, but dobby is not knowing how!!!!! Yes, goodbye. Tis my favorite!!

Being as I've written you all so many times, I forget what I have and haven't mentioned. We had our first service assignment this week. The man heading it up asked if any of us had heard of imagine dragons. AHHH!!!! I was so pleased!! We got talking about the most recent album. I told him I'd listened to it every day for 2 weeks leading up to my mission. No one else has heard of them. It was nice to find that connection.

Speaking of connections, there are a bunch of people that know psych. Salvation of my sanity!!! It keeps the head above the Tagalog water after we've been treading all day. It's nice. Elder Hibbert also loves to quote movies. Man is a champ. Even knows Private Eyes and Ghost and Mr. Chicken. A true kindred spirit.

Well, I think that's all for this week!!!! Thanks for all the love coming my way!!!! It is the greatest!!! I love you all and I'll write you soon!!!!

Elder Christensen

Later in the week...Another snail mail.

Kamusta Po Kayo Pamilya!

Hey everyone!  I enjoy writing.  So here I am again!  Woohoo, my district thins I have a ton of girlfriends cuz I get so much mail!  :)  Thank you all, I love it!  Momma, I'm sorry I didn't tell you about TC and Hannah, but I'm a man of my word!

Unfortunately, I don't have the emails with me at this point in time, so I'll have a tough time answering questions.  But I can take care of that during email on Friday.  But I do remember a question about scheduling, from my momma.  It usually goes a little something like this...

At 6:15, we rise and shout. Not becuase the cougars are out.  I'm sure my new Poly friends could easily handle any vagabond animals.  But we shout because the alarm is going off too early!  Must be broken!  Only to find it is not and it is in fact, time to wake up.  Showered and dressed around 7:05.  Breakfast at 7:10.  I have enjoyed the local food.  I've even found decently healthy food and I've mostly stayed clear of the sweets.  I was told to beware the orange juice...AFTER I drank it of course.  My comp and I soon discovered the warning was wise, as we had a visit to the oval office, aka the Johnny on the spot.  But other than that, all has been well there.  Following breakfast, we'll typically end up in the classroom, studying the gospel, the language, or just palnning a new line of attack for our investigator, Julito.  At some point, we'll have lunch.  Then back to class.  Some days, we'll have a teacher to stuff us with Tagalog.  But she's a student, so she's only here sometimes.  We'll have gym at some random point during the day.  Teach Julito morning or afternoon.  But then always back to class for more studying.  I pick up mail before dinner, but I can't pass it out til 9-ish, so I can't read it.  But it's always a lovely sight for sore (literally sore) eyes.  After dinner, we're back in class for more time to impore ourselves as missionaries.  Then I had out mail and we all go back to residence at 9:30.  Prepare for bed, read mail, journal, letters, and mess around with all the elders in the zone.  Prayer, scripture study, more prayer, then sleep.  And repeat in no particular order or necessarily (wtheck?) similar (again?) fashion.

(side note in the margin)  Sorry, all the Tagalog is causing me to forget how to spell properly.  We call it mushy brain syndrome!.

So, that's an approximate schedule.  Hope it's enjoyable!  I love my zone and district.  Times stay super spiritual but we have loads of fun too!  I've got a lot of pictures and even a few videos.  The videos come from when we can't study anymore.  So...you know.  Entertainment :)

Lights out for now, I'll complete this in the morning.  Magandang gabi. 

Ok...next day!  Kamusta!  We went and taught our investigator just barely.  It was way cool.  He's a champ of a man.  My kasama is a little on the sick side, so I'm letting him grab a 30 minute power nap while I write before lunch.  HaveI mentioned I love being a missionary?  Oh, well, I do!  It's the best!

One of my zone leaders, Elder Partsch, from New Zealand, tells me I look like Harvey Dent (aka.Aaron Eckhart).  That is for Matthew.  Every meal time, he says, "Where is Harvey Dent?"  Mabuti, mabuti. Hilig.

Anyway, don't know if I mentioned I have an elder from Las Vegas that likes the gym?  So, he and my comp and I lift together every other day, and we run and do push ups, situps on the other days.  I love it!  I might go out of here in a shape that's not completely round!

I love the MTC.  The learning is fantastic.  Loads of gospel and teaching study.  Lots and lots and lots of language study.  All the study helps you realize that you know nothing!  Seriously.  Talaga.  Nothing.

At he same time, the elders and sisters in my zone and district are beyond awesome!  We ave a lot of fun too!  I'm excited for you all to get my pics and videos!  They are grand!

I'm still trying to even put a dent in all the candy here.  It's a daunting task.  There's a lot ot go through!  I must be super loved!

If I ever pull off Tagalog, you should all love it.  the language is super super cool.  It's fun to listen to.  It's fun to read.  Fun to speak!  Impossible to learn.  Not really, it'll come.  It's super cool!

Tell Scotty my stupid battle wound from his overgrown ape of a TV is not gone yet!  A week later.  I will hold a grudge forever!  ;)

My kasamma is pretty dang good at piano.  He reminds me a little bit of TC.  But not.  But as far as piano, all of em, (TC, Scotty, Elder Hibbert) would get along.  He's really good. And he likes to compose his own stuff.  We usually find a piano right after breakfast before class so he can bust out some tunes.  I enjoy it!

We've thought about getting in the choir.  But I have no idea when they practice.  The schedule is soo full as it is.  And I'm already losing out on some of "my precious" (gollum style) study time for district meetings.  So, I dont know how to achieve such a feat.

This has been a rambling letter and I've probably repeated myself several times.  But did I mention Tagalog directly translated is pretty much Yoda style?  It's so backwards and messed up!  But it's awesome!  Anyway.  That's it for now.  I'll get more to you soon!  Love you all!


Elder Christensen

Sunday April 8, 2012

Yo Pamilya,

Whaddup? This is Sunday #1.  We had Elder Packer haere for our MTC sacrament meeting this morning.  That was awesome.  Then later on, we got to take a walk to the Provo temple.  It was good to see cvilization again.  Easy to see BYU from there.  That was cool.  I got you a load of pictures up there.

I totally ran into Ashley Snyder again!  I've seen her about 4 times, but this time I ahd my camera.  Bomb!

I have a ton of Poly/Islander elders and sisters.  They are some of the my very favorite people in this world!  Love them.  The Australian and New Zealand  accents are so smooth!  Ah, I love my zone and district!  We've got some ballin' zone leaders too.

This has been a long Sunday.  (Fasting)  Probably the lack of food.  On that note, we are eating healthy!  Woohoo!  For the most part.  We discovered weights last night.  I love weights! Woo!  There's hope forme yet!

It's technically still study time, but the entire zone has lost motivation.  Too much study today without the energy to move on.  Haha, so I'm writing you instead!  It's a worthy cause!  We'll see when I actually get it sent.

Anyway, that's it for me for now.  Oh ps, I got a package yesterday.  But I'm not sure if it's from you.  It was too late to pick up the package cuz the office closed early, but I got the notification slip in my mail.  So, I'll get it tomorrow.  If it's from you, thank you!  Slamamant!

I love you all!

Elder Christensen

Oh p.s.  Spencer Siebach was here Sunday.  BYU Men's Chorus fireside.  Got to give him a hug.  Much love!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Real Letters via USPS

April 4th

Dearest Family of Mine,

Well family, one day down.  Woohoo!  I'm so glad to have that over with.  Goodbyes suck.  But as soon as those were finished, things turned awesome!  The MTC is an absolutely happy place.  We arrived with all sorts of noobs today.  Over 70 Tagalog speakers alone.  I ran straight into Marlo Anderson.  That was a happy sight right off the bat.  And then one of Scott's companion's mom.  Sister Barton?  Very excellent.  A few quick beginning things and then straight to the classroom.  Hardcore Tagalog right off the gun.  I was the frist person there, so I got the most reviews of it!  That was helpful  Tagalog is so dope!  I actually loved being in class.  Crazy  huh?  So mom, Elder Brock Alred?  Yep, ran straight into him.  He's in my district.  So we'll be great friends.  he's awesome.  Casey McLaughlin is also in my district.  Same classroom.  We'll see a lot of each other.  My other high school bro is not with us, but we've seen a lot of him.  My companion is Elder Hibbart.  He's from Idaho and he's really cool.  We get along well.  It was an excellent choice.  We have two other Philippine noobs in our room, but they aren't our same mission.  Did I mention me and my comp are headed to the same mission?  Anywho, not all the Philippines got cut short.  our roomies are still 9 weeks.  Poor fools!  There are so many missionaries everywhere here! So many countries, so many sweet accents.  Got a lot of Australians around.  I love it!  I'm not sure just as of yet when p-day is.  Everything has been pretty wild.  I'm guessing it'll tame me a little bit to figure it out.  But the spirit here is outstanding!  I love it, I love the Elders, I love the gospel!  This is where I'm supposed to be and I'm going to bust hard to be an awesome missionary.  Write you all soon!  Love you!

Elder Christensen

Sorry about the no paragraphs, but for lack of space, I figured you could let it slide this once.  :)

P.S.  Mom, thanks for your lettter.  Loved it!  Love you!

P.P.S.  I didn't get this off as soon as planned.  But I love the elders in my district.  Elder Alred is the bomb.  My comp is dope.  I love it here. Language is a beast, but I love learning.  Spirit is amazing.  Prayer tonight in Tagalog.  Teaching investigator tomorrow in Tagalog.  Ah!  And guess what...District Leader.  Love you all.  Elder Christensen

PPPS  Totally just held the door oopen for David Archuleta!  So cool!  Didn't have my camera on me though possibly good, he probably gets way too much of that.

April 6th

Dear Family of Mine,

I fainlly got over myself and decided to get a new piece of paper.  So, tis day three in here. It's asesome!  They are absolutely cramming Tagalog down our throats, in our ears and up our noses.  It is insane!  I feel ridiculously stupid, but it's quite awesome at the same time.

We already taught our first investigator today in Tagalog.  that was crazy.  It was a cool exper5ience, but super tough. 

I think I already mentioned the DL business.  It is crazy. I know nothing.  But I love my district.  They are awesome!  But our Tagalog teacher didn't show up so I got to take over? ok.  I don;t know anymore than everyone else.  But we just reviewed, so it worked.

Well, I'm off to grab mail for my district, so I'll get this sent.  Gotta run!  Kita Kitz!

Mahala Kita!

Elder Christensen

Saturday, April 7, 2012

 These are pictures of the night Dallin was set apart as a missionary and then the day he left.  :)

First News from the Provo MTC

If there are people that would like to receive these updates, please send me email addresses.  I do not have any cousins on here, (except for Lo).  If you would like to be removed, let me know that too!  It is soooooo wonderful to have this first email!!!!!!!!  YEAH!!!!!  I love my boy!!!!!!!!!  So, here it is…

Hello Pamilya!!!

Wow, life is crazy!!! This is what, day 4 at the MTC? Holy moly toledo and aunt judy! It seems like we've been here for ages!! I blame that all on the fact of the Tagalog they are trying to cram us full of. We've spent enough time in class to have covered a long time, but we've done it all in a short time period. Crazy.

Sorry father, the email won't let me use tab. Pasensya! So, time has flown. I got a letter sent off yesterday, but I have no idea when it will arrive. I used two stamps. BAH!! It shows that I obviously never use the old school postage system. Oh well. It will FOR SURE get to you. I mentioned that Elder Archuleta is all over the place. Poor chap studies Spanish in the building across from me and lives in the residence across from me. So I see him everywhere. The man is quite short. But I'm sure that'll help him fit right in wherever he serves in Chile.

This place is wonderful!! My companion is a boss! Elder Hibbert from Idaho. He is really cool. He's a lot like TC. So we get along quite nicely. Things just work very well. We study well together and can still have a good time. Love the man! My roomies are not in my district but they are very cool too. So I love that. Elder Griggs and Elder Patteson. You'll get pictures of all of them soon. For some reason, I've been called as district leader. So I've got some shoes to fill. But it's pretty fun too! My district is the bomb. Elder Alred is in it mum. He is a total stud. We have a very good time. He's companions with Elder Mclaughlin (unsure on the spelling?). They have a threesome because one of the other elders never showed. So they have Elder Kehler with them. He's super super cool too. Of course, pics have been taken. We have to sister companionships. Sister Mangolongo from Australia (LOVE her accent!!!) and sister Va'enuku from Tonga. They are so fun! And then Sister Winger from Bluffdale and Sister Garcia from Texas. Our teacher is Sister Wineger. She has been back from the Philippines for about 11 months. She's way cool too.

Yesterday was our third day with Tagalog. We have dropped prayer in English and now use Tagalog. And we taught our first investigator, Julito, yesterday in Tagalog too! He's from the Philippines trying to get into the BYU statistics program. His uncle is from Saratoga Springs and is mormon. Julito is catholic but is interested in the church. He doesn't speak English hardly at all and our Tagalog is so so so so terrible. But the lesson went well and the spirit was there so mabuti. We have another lesson with him again today so we'll see how that goes!!!

I think that is about all of the news that I have. We haven't been here too long. Not too much has happened yet. But we are learning like crazy and doing our very best to try to keep up and remember everything. We busted out some laundry today. Love the gym time. All my things seem to work properly. Thank you all so very much for the packages!!! G-ma and mum!!!! Stephanie, thank you for your letter. You are the best sister in the world! Don't worry, I'll take it to the next level! Dad, thanks for your edition and your emails. I haven't had a chance to read them yet, but I printed them and I'm sure they'll be good. Thank pops for his email too! My boys had better be behaving!! You are the very best! Love the letters, love the treasures inside. I am trying to get my comps to eat as much of the food as possible being as I'm still attempting to be healthy. I'm winning so far. My comp loves to exercise with me so we do some excellent work every day and we've been careful about what we eat. But everyone loves you all for the food! And I love you all for the whole thing! Being DL, I pick up mail every day. It was very nice to see that I had two packages waiting for me!!! So thank you very much!!

I think anything I missed should be in the letter I sent home. My p-day from now on should be fridays so, expect emails then. Usually. I'm sorry this isn't the longest email in the world, but time is short and I must go!! Thank you all for everything! I love you all!

Kita Kitz!!

Elder Christensen
Hey Fam, 2 mins left so I thought i'd let you know I got mom and matt's emails!!! I printed everything off but it cuts a ton off the right side of the page. ANNOYING!!!! But anywho. Thank you much. Momma, since i just read yours, i didn't know about the schedule thing, but i'll be sure to put that in a letter or next weeks email!!!

LOVE you all!! This is elder christensen, signing out!!!!