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Somehow, two years have passed. And Dallin will be flying back to the states on March 26th. It has been quite the adventure! I will encourage him to add his own summary when he gets back...(Living the good life in the Philippines, Quezon City North Mission. Entered the MTC in Provo on April 4, 2012. Flew to the Philippines on Sunday, May 13, 2012. What a great adventure! And what an honor to serve the good people of the Pines!)

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Snail Mail sent 4-24-2012

Oh my people!

Or in other words, hello family!  Tis the end of p-day.  Russell M. Nelson ws the speaker for our fireside tonight.  It was so sweet!  But admittedly, I had a hard time staying awake again.  But it was still very good!

Afterwards, ZL duties started.  We went and rounded up the first of our new arrivals to the MTC.  Internationals.  Dope.  Only two though.  15 coming tomorrow!  Anyway, that's interesting and all, but the real reason for this letter is to explain my treasure trove of pictures!

First up is me and Dr. Hibbert (his comp) and our two roomies Elder Pattison (arms out in the back) and Elder Carigg (lost expression in the middle), and the rest of their old district, Sis. Montgomery (left) and Sis. Tiavalu (right).  But since they had a tiny district, they got merged with another tiny one on Sunday.  But this is us in class at night right before going back to residence.

Next!!  This is the same group after our trip to the temple...just last Friday, only a few short hours before my hair was taken from me.  Did I mention Elder Carigg (boy farthest to the left) is the other ZL with me?  And we're roomies.  Saweeet!

Third!  Pretty self explanatory.  This sums up my time at the MTC.  And no, we weren't posing.  Sis. Montgomery legitly walked in on us sleeping through our online instruction video.  Whoops!  Pattison, me, Aldred (awake!) and McLaughlin.

D.  This is the same night as pic one.  Practicing our gospel signs.  E for Elder.  And we are 3.  Joke lung.  Don't worry about it.  And no, Dr. Hibbert is not picking his nose.

Finally, me and my very beloved Zone leader before he vanished from me.  Elder Partsch.  I love this man to death!  Absolute love.  I love the other, Knowles too, but he is not pictured at this time.  You'll get those later.

Anywho, that's it!  Enjoy em and keep em safe for me!  Love you all!

Elder Christensen

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