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Somehow, two years have passed. And Dallin will be flying back to the states on March 26th. It has been quite the adventure! I will encourage him to add his own summary when he gets back...(Living the good life in the Philippines, Quezon City North Mission. Entered the MTC in Provo on April 4, 2012. Flew to the Philippines on Sunday, May 13, 2012. What a great adventure! And what an honor to serve the good people of the Pines!)

Thursday, December 12, 2013

2013-12-09 Good Ground

Hello there my wonderful family. I swear to you that I was just sitting at this computer sending you an email yesterday. But somehow, another week has passed and I'm sure before we all know it, I'll be writing one again. It has been a good week. As usual. The teaching was better this week, which is always nice. 

Probably the most interesting thing that happened was that we ran into a white guy who is only 24, and living in our area. That doesn't happen often! He is from Bristol. Super nice guy. Very athiest. Which has been a bit of a challenge. I have never ever taught an athiest before. But it has made me so much more grateful to have the gospel in my life and all the blessings that come along with it. 

We had some awesome lessons this week with some wonderful people and the best part is, we had some awesome church attendance! Not super huge as far as the numbers go, but huge blessings for us. It is so awesome to watch people who are willing to follow the gospel as they change and receive blessings! Which reminds me of an interesting story from personal study. In Luke chapter 8, Jesus gives the parable of the sower. The seed falls into 4 different types of earth. Some by the way side, where it is eaten and stepped on and yields no fruit. Some on the rocks, which springs up quickly but then withers because there is no roots. Some in the weeds, where after springing up, they die because they are choked. And then, there is the seed that fell upon the good ground where it brings forth fruit. Now, you can read the parable for yourself and figure out all the symbolism there. But the question is; what type of ground are we? And how do we become the good ground? Anyone that has ever planted anything knows that you need good ground. Sometimes the ground is hard and has rocks and has weeds. But that doesn't mean you can't grow good fruit. You just have to prepare the ground first. And that, I think, is an important principle for us. If we want to yield good fruit, we have to prepare ourselves to receive the word. We have to prepare ourselves to follow the will of the Lord, whatever it may be. We prepare ourselves through every small decision that we make. And if we don't prepare ourselves to receive the word of the Lord, we won't yield fruit. We will see it as we are stopped in our progress. Helaman 3:5 tells us how we can prepare ourselves to receive the word of the Lord. I hope that we are striving constantly to prepare ourselves, that we may always receive guidance from the Lord and be ready to work and bring forth the fruits of it. 
One other thought was from Luke chapter 2. It's a simple thought. But Jesus tells his parents they should have known that he would be about his Father's business. With the new Work of Salvation being given to us, I hope that we see that we are expected to follow the Savior's example and strive to always be about our Father's business. 

Other than that, is just our adventure today. We went back to this old church thing that I visited when I was in training. And then we hiked to Wawa, which I've been to a few times. Our friend from Bristol came with us, which was awesome. It was an awesome adventure! I have included a few pictures. Enjoy them!

That's all! So take care of have an awesome week!

Much love, 

Elder Christensen 

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