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Somehow, two years have passed. And Dallin will be flying back to the states on March 26th. It has been quite the adventure! I will encourage him to add his own summary when he gets back...(Living the good life in the Philippines, Quezon City North Mission. Entered the MTC in Provo on April 4, 2012. Flew to the Philippines on Sunday, May 13, 2012. What a great adventure! And what an honor to serve the good people of the Pines!)

Monday, December 31, 2012

12-31-12 Dem Drunkards

Hello one and all!! Funny story, and this may sound familiar; I have no time!!! Hehehe, ok, so that's not funny. I'm sorry! It's the dang drunks!!! We have an early curfew!! Their fault. They are already getting hammered!! It's nuts here!! Anyway. Not tons has happened since last time. I did get to skype with my fam though!!!!!!! YEAH!!! Christmas was bomb!! And was actually cold. Since then, we have taught some good lessons. Found some new people. We found a kid that could name the capitol of every single country in the world. Very impressive, he's 5. Also, we had some fun talking to random people in the streets and getting lessons out of it. I'm talking to some kids next to me right now. It's a good time. AHHHH!!! NO time!! I'm very very very sorry!! But I am alive. And doing well. And feeling better about Tagalog every day, even though I'm still not good. Elder Sumagaysay and I are getting along well. OUr area is awesome. The people are ready here. People are returning to church. It's just the best. But I'd best be leaving!! Next week there is a regular curfew. So next week, I will write normaly. Anyway, I love you all! Have a great week!!

Much love, 

Elder Christensen

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