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Somehow, two years have passed. And Dallin will be flying back to the states on March 26th. It has been quite the adventure! I will encourage him to add his own summary when he gets back...(Living the good life in the Philippines, Quezon City North Mission. Entered the MTC in Provo on April 4, 2012. Flew to the Philippines on Sunday, May 13, 2012. What a great adventure! And what an honor to serve the good people of the Pines!)

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

He Only Got Stuck for a Moment or Two...

That's right. The original Grinch. Read em and weep.

Hello one and all! It's holiday season!! Which means...ha, it means I won't be the only fat one! I wish the same belly I have upon all of you! Except of course for my mother and matt, but only cuz he's wrestling. "As for the rest of you.....jury duty, jury duty, blackmail, eviction notice, hate mail, pink slip, yeeeeeehhe!!!"

Alright. Well, firstly, this week has been a lot like last week. It can be described in a few simple words. Work. Miracles. Finding. Teaching. Eating. Eating. Fat. Work. Work. Walking. Sweating. Success. Those are just a few. But as you can probably tell, these are the words that equal one good week. If we were to make an equation here, it would say, " 'words of the week' = A Good Week" Sorry for the substitution, but I didn't want to type out all of those words again. Now, we can simplify the equation a little bit. It will remain balanced if we add, "Better" after A and before Good and take out Eating Eating and Fat from the words of the week. In this way, the equation remains balanced but becomes more simple or slender, if you will. Yeah, I have to try to do math and smart things using very simple words. It's about all I can do anymore to pretend I'm still smart. 

Funny story before I go anywhere else. Next time the FedEx man comes. If he looks Poly at all and has a sweet 'stache going on, ask him if he has a daughter in Q. C.N. Mission. Because, sis Toufete next door has a father that delivers in Alpine. So. Just try it out. 

So now, I will jump through the week pretty quickly. It was quite similar to last week. So if you need help understanding, refer to last week's email to fill in the blanks. 

One day, we are walking and I say hi to some kids. "Up here, up here!" (used when giving high 5's). This old guy is surprised that I speak Tagalog (even though the previously mentioned statement is English. Go figure). But we get talking and he asks what it is I'm doing here. Of course, I couldn't be more happy to tell him. And then he says, "I need help. I'm 60. I'm going to die soon. I need to be right with God." Oh can you give me a better invite? Maybe. But this is pretty dang good!! So we tell him we will be glad to help! Unfortunately, and this is kind of big, the man had a mouth that reeked of alak, and therefore, it may be a dead end. Funny story is, that as smashed as people get when they drink, sometimes, it is the best time for the spirit to work on them. Many times I have had people open up to me when they are drunk, but when I come back and they are sober, they don't want our help anymore. Hopefully, this man will still want us to help him. 
We have a couple. They are new. I believe they are in my last email. Husband told us he didn't believe that Adam and Eve were the first people on earth. Normally, when people open up with something like that, they end up being people that want to just try to prove you wrong. Those that set snares, so to speak, for the righteous. I've had plenty. So, I found this man many a scripture in the Bible and Book of Mormon about Adam and Eve being first. I was nervous to share with him and have him try to bash. BUT!!! He didn't! He was very happy with the scriptures we shared with him. They are incredibly open to the things we teach and just are hungry for knowledge and answers. It is wonderful! They are progressing very well and came to church again. We are excited with their progress!

We also have several people that we invited to be baptized this week. Every time, they seemed to feel the Spirit so strong AFTER they told us yes. OH the Joy of missionary work!! Man, there is nothing better!! The one day, the only appointment we got in on was to an investigator that we invited to be baptized. We were completely happy with our day. Nothing better! Also, we have a baptism coming up on saturday. And several more coming in the next few weeks of December. So, it goes one for dec 1. one for dec 8 and two for dec 22. AHA!! And the funny thing is it's not the baptisms. It's the change in the people. For those who have served, you know, for those that will serve, you will know. And for the rest of you, well, it's the best!! 

Thanksgiving was this week. I know you all know. You are eating left over turkey sandwiches. We celebrated as an apartment. We had real mashed potatoes and stuffing. No turkey. Chicken instead. And corn. And gravy. We did our best to american style our thanksgiving. 3 americans and elder judar. It was wonderful! And very hot. But good! Pics. Ok. One is the table all set up. One is us all about to satisfy our bellies but taking a pic for all of you back at home first. I think one is of my plate of food. It tasted better than it looks. One is of some life size cool dudes. Dragon Ball Z, Flash, Green Lantern, Super Man, and some other guy. But the other one must not be important cuz we don't know him. One is of a jeep, cuz I don't think I've sent pics of one yet. One is me at the temple. One is a wonderful face that Judar makes that would make scottie proud. One is some cows taking a bath. One is me on a trike, also one I haven't sent pics of yet. Haha! And the one of me and elder judar raising our hands I will explain in a sec. Or now cuz that's the last pic. We have a recently converted El Sheddai. Or something like that. And she's great. But she got up to give the closing prayer in sacrament meeting yesterday. It was a little bit different. And long. About 10 minutes long. And naturally, with the prayer being so long, everyone in the whole congregation opened their eyes at some point. The lady was at the pulpit, WITH HER HANDS RAISED UP TO HER HEAD level, giving the longest prayer in the world!! AH man!! It was awkward! Everyone asked us, "Elders, did you see that? Why did she do that?" Oh man. It was a hoot!! We have a few things to work on with her still. But it made for a great story!! 

Anyway. I gotta bounce. But thank you all for everything!! Be good and read your scriptures. 

Much love, 

Elder Christensen 

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