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Somehow, two years have passed. And Dallin will be flying back to the states on March 26th. It has been quite the adventure! I will encourage him to add his own summary when he gets back...(Living the good life in the Philippines, Quezon City North Mission. Entered the MTC in Provo on April 4, 2012. Flew to the Philippines on Sunday, May 13, 2012. What a great adventure! And what an honor to serve the good people of the Pines!)

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

01-18-13 Ginto

Ginto. That my friends is gold. And this week was golden. Thus the subject line. Put two and two together and you get four. I don't know where gold fits in to that equation but I'm pretty sure it's worth a lot more than four. Then again, that depends on what your variable is. Well, bahala kayo. Figure that out. Tell me how it all fits in. 

So for this week. Haha, please don't slay me, but I forgot to list down what happened. It was a good week. In my defense, it was a short week. But, sayang, that's an excuse. I should have written things down. Alas. But, I did have my trusty, handy dandy camera with me which can fill in some blanks nicely. 

First order of business. A funny story for you all, and a killer of pride for me. Kind of. I love children. That is a well known fact. And for the most part, kids love me. I'm like a star here. Kids come running in packs to get high fives from the American that speaks Tagalog. It's a blasty blast! But sometimes, my skills are not enough or in other words I fail hard core. As in the falling flat on your face, skidding, crashing and burning with a nice big mushroom cloud kind of failing. That happened this week. We were teaching a less active family. They have relatives everywhere by their house!! Seriously, every time we go, there will be a bunch of little kids that show up. Who are these kids? Oh they are our cousins. Cool cool. Who are these kids? Cousins. Who are....wait, I know, they are cousins. Kind of like that. It's pretty much like walking into a crazy bunny breeding ground. They are just popping out from everywhere! Anyway, we head over, as usual and as usual, there is a new little face. A 5 year old girl, who's name I couldn't say and I can't remember, but I do remember that if I shortened it to Faye, that was deemed acceptable. So we began teaching this family and Faye, the cousin. Elder Sumagaysay goes on a little teaching streak. Really quiet like and the fam seems to have fallen asleep. When this happens, people start to not pay attention and forget what you've been talking about. So to bring everyone's attention back, I formulate a plan. I'll be my same goofy and slightly loud self when I come back in, to remind them not to be asleep but to pay attention! I put the plan into action and execute it with perfection. Little Faye suddenly gets this uncomfortable look on her face like she has a sick stomach. I teach for a minute and then ask if she is feeling ok. She sinks back into her chair and her eyes get a little watery. Oh man, Houston, we have a problem!! So we all begin to investigate. Are you feeling ok? What's wrong? Suddenly, she has tears in her eyes. Next thing you know, they are running down her face. And then she is sobbing!! Oh no! Are you scared? Yes? Of the Elders? Yes? Of Elder Sumagaysay? No? Of the American?? Affirmative Queen Eagle, we are now locked on target. Snap!! This girl is bawling! I am not sure if it is because of my slightly loud entrance or if it was because she was focused on my handsome companion and then she switched her attention back to my face and was appalled by what she found. But, in the end, she was crying. Luckily, with some sedatives, we were able to calm her down. Na, joke lang. She did calm down and we were able to finish teaching but man. Confidence = Target. Target = Destroyed. Mission accomplished. Quote of the day, "My ship!!! Blast, this will take weeks to repair!" Moral of the story, fix your teaching or fix your face. Don't make the children cry.

So we did other things this week, besides destroying the lives of young, innocent children. We did some service projects. Those are my favorite! The one day, we helped a sister fix up her house. One of our members that is trying to get out on a mission is temporarily living in this 'house'. Man, it needs some serious help. We are very spoiled in the good old US of A. Anyway, we went to help her out. We started by putting in some real supports underneath her house so it doesn't fall down. Anything else we could do would be worthless if the house fell down. We then re-did the flooring so she didn't fall through the newly strengthened foundation. We fixed up the doors so she could close and lock them. And then we fixed the walls so that the doors actually had purpose. If you can go through the wall, what's the use of locking the door? Her house is still a bit on the sad side, but it's a lot better! And we had a killer fun time doing it! Do service folks. It makes everything else in your life seem ok. I think Heavenly Father eases our burdens as we ease the burdens of others. And personally, I'd rather fix other people's problems than my own, so that sounds like a good trade off to me. Anywho, I have a picture of the side of this ladies house below, pre-fixing. 

So I don't have a ton of killer spiritual experiences to share this week. But I do have something that isn't just funny to share. So I teach loads of less actives. I have two beloved families that I'm teaching that I have been teaching since I got to this area that have never once been to church while I've been here. The one family...I have no idea why. The other I've talked about in recent emails, but they just have tons of problems. We solve lots but for some reason, they still weren't coming. We taught the Law of Chastity this week. Sister finally came out that she doesn't think her clothes are modest enough for church. Ah, finally!!! We were able to advise her on how she can live the law of chastity more fully and about how she would be able to come to church. The other family told us they were bad at waking up on time. They are in the farthest part of our area. It's a 30 minute jeep ride out to them and then 30 minutes back to the church. But we told them we would go to their home before church and bang on the door, wake em all up. And then we would go to church with them. They just needed a little motivation. We showed up and they were all ready. So for the first time in the 15 Sundays that I have been in this ward, both families came to church. It was a wonderful day!! Normally if someone can't progress to church in 15 sundays, they will probably be dropped. Just remember that as you work with people to help them return and receive the blessings of the gospel that we need to be patient. Sometimes it seems like there must be a huge problem stopping their progression when it might turn out to be something very simple. Sometimes people may seem impossible to get through to when really all they need is a little encouragement, a little push and a little sign that you care. So don't give up on the friends, brothers and sisters that we have that need our help. "Through small and simple means are great things brought to pass". 

Pics. I saw a rainbow over the church. Who can deny that? Took a pic with a cool kid that we are starting to teach. The area by his house is cool business. Picture worthy. Snapped a photo with the 5 of Rainbow House Crew and a few ward missionaries and the ward mission leader. Catch a child picking their nose and you know the camera is coming out. I caught the cutest of little girls red handed. And she knew it. Looked at the camera and everything. That's actually the real reason for the subject line. We were joking about her digging for ginto. I just had to make up the introduction at the beginning of the email to make it seem like I'm not as immature as I still am. But I confess. It's all because of boogers. Go figure. And the last pic I took is at the same buffet we always take pics at. It is the best food in the mission. It is all you can eat and it is almost american. We took one of our ward missionaries with us today and treated him. The man is incredible. He helps us soooo much!! And all he ever does is serve people! It's crazy. The man has become a role model for me. Never complains. Never says anything unkind. Just always willing to do whatever he can whenever he can to help someone out. The man is also one of the Three Nephites, along with David G. Woolley. These cats think that they are fooling me, but I know who they are. Just gotta find the third and I'm golden. That's it for the pictures!

Well, I am sorry to say, I believe I am out of things to say. It was a short week. Therefore, a short email. Sorry about that. But next week will hopefully be better. Have a good and wonderful week. Do good things. 

Much love, 

Elder Christensen 


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